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Main Website

  • Jerry and Pete, working on OGM Mainsite, using Massive Wiki tools

Managing Call Artifacts Better

  • how do we do manage call artifacts better?
    • more people than just jerry
    • automation?
      • ffmpeg
    • folders and destinations and sharing
      • youtube
      • cicolab
      • max?
      • stephan?
  • adding a table of contents / time markers to youtube videos (h/t Rob in Stewards mattermost)

OGM + Lionsberg

OGM Program & Project Management Tools

Identity and Handles

Stewardship Bat Signal

  • first discussed on OGM Stewards Jam Sesh, 2021-03-30
  • use @channel in mattermost [ogm] Stewards
    • we hope to get to the point where everyone sees and acts (if necessary) on it within ~12 hours
  • shall we have practice alerts a couple times in the future?

Culture and Values

Re-formatting Thursday Call


Issues (partial list)

Quest Formation / Quest Architecture

Launching Quest: Food Security and Regenerative Ag