Communicating Lionsberg Process to OGM


  • plan is coming together, but we're behind our desired schedule
  • Jerry hopes the plan will be done and can start to be executed by Monday, 4/12

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Sponsor: Stewards
  • Lead: Jerry
  • Project Manager: Pete
  • Team: Stewards


(written as statements we hope to be true at the completion of the project)

Resource Requirements



Approach of the Approach

  • transparency
  • wholism
  • absorbing and integrating good suggestions
  • open, honest
  • we've been working hard


  • exploring these things
  • differentiate between "OGM Foundation" and "OGM community"
  • (is it two things? more things? does it have fractal and/or holographic nature?)
  • what are the relationships between the different OGMs?
  • why Lionsberg?
  • leverage of larger community
  • approaching possibility of financing / funding for OGM goals
  • Steward Ownership relative to other models (platform cooperative, FairShares, etc.)
    • They're not mutually exclusive (not either/or)

what we might communicate / maybe not all at once

what media and method do we use to communicate

  • Google Slides presentation, then record it and share it? (current fav)
  • Massive wiki pages, which we share live in a pop-up OGM call?

include FAQs, anticipated questions/resistance and have answers laid out before communicating

Workplan and Timeline

phase 1:

  • heads up - lionsberg and money in the mix, conversations in progress, intensifying in focus and coherence
  • alignment process happened - it was reasonably awesome
  • stewards have just agreed to move forward

phase 2:

  • now we are in the process of organizing the MOU/ SOW

where, when and how: email to list / forum / mattermost

  • special meeting (or two) (tbd)
  • follow-up call(s) with OGM members at large (tbd)
  • include FAQs, anticipated questions/resistance and have answers laid out in Communication Plan

Communication Norms

We'll use the ~[ogm] Stewards channel in Mattermost for communication.