Lionsberg + OGM, 2021-03-25

Mini Summary

(scribed during OGM Stewards Jam Sesh, 2021-03-30, 8:31am PT)

  • great recap by Jordan

Action Items

  • jerry / jordan working with jamaica, north star etc.
  • general counsel meetings

MoU Progress Recap



Pull Planning Process

  • 5 / 5 / 5

Pull Planning in Lean Construction



  • key functions on the team
  • Program / Project Management: Pete
  • how do we do executive function?
    • recognizing that a decision needs to be made
    • taking responsibility for making the decision
    • tie-breaking
    • discernment
      • clarifying what the alternatives are and framing the question for the team
      • the team can then make a decision
  • naming difficult conversations and decisions
  • Sage (more than Shaman)

Accountability and Execution

  • stewardship needs to vet capability to accomplish
  • execution means people will need to commit time and energy
  • vs. club and all opinions are welcome
  • building momentum

Shared Values

Project Management

  • mission control group using Notion+Oracle Primavera P6, one level up from project management


  • various different tools
    • Mighty Networks
    • OFC
      • Asana vs. Notion
  • meta project management
    • how do different sovereigns using different tools and processes roll up planning with other sovereigns?
      • bridge people
      • automation
      • hybrid

Critical Path Planning

  • e.g., GANTT


Lotus Notes adoptions at Ziff-Davis

  • vs POP3 mail

Fiscally Sponsored (??)

  • "Stewarded"

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