OGM Stewards Jam Sesh, 2021-03-30

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Before The Meeting

  • Jerry: integrate edits into MoU (add 'tktk' for places to review / expand)
  • All: read the updated MoU when available
  • Jerry, Charles: asynchronously update OGM Planning Timeline (Miro)


  • Recap moving work back into open Stewards channels (Mattermost, OGM Wiki)
  • New "OGM Stewardship" section of OGM Wiki
    • visual tour
      • other new project plans exist
    • how to view on either GitHub or Obsidian
    • how to edit the wiki (see Starter Guide)
  • What is our collective bat signal?
    • how can we schedule more time for work and decisions?
    • see OGM Stewardship Jerry + Pete, 2021-03-28, "Quorum for Classes of Decisions"
    • resolved, use @channel in mattermost [ogm] Stewards; we hope to get to the point where everyone sees and acts (if necessary) on it within ~12 hours
  • Handles in general, guidelines, rules, suggestions, policy
    • governance

    • obscure, pseudonymity, anonymity
    • how do you identify yourself? how do we know you?
  • Finalizing Lionsberg+OGM MoU
  • Work Communicating Lionsberg Process to OGM
  • Work OGM Program & Project Management Tool Decision

    • who's in the conversation, internally and externally?
    • quick discussion of Notion + Massive Wiki + federation
  • Discuss who wants to meet with Lionsberg General Counsel

  • recap Lionsberg + OGM, 2021-03-25

Action Items