OGM Stewards Jam Sesh, 2021-04-13

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Next Up

  • work on Focused SoW (ask Jerry/Judy/Pete for more context)

Bat Signal

  • jordan / jamaica invitation
    • Ëścone of silence

Recap/Review Jerry/Judy/Pete Stewardship Meetings

Pete's Project Management Headlines

  • The most recently published version of the SoW (in the MoU) specifies a lot of work, in very general ways. We will need more hands, better teamwork, and fine-grained specification of actionable outcomes before it is a SMART plan that I can sign off on.
  • I believe there are prerequisites that need to be lined up before it makes sense to start the clock on the Launch Sprint. I suggest we have a "Prep Sprint" that is bound to yes/no checkoffs on prerequisites, rather than time, before we commit to starting the Launch Sprint.
  • One of the primary prerequisites is enough committed hands and teamwork/coordination to do the work. Hands may be volunteer or paid or a combination. If paid, another prerequisite is money to pay them.
  • Given our present minimal clarity around sprint velocity and effort estimation, I think a six-month Launch Sprint allows too much accumulated uncertainty in the out months for predictable delivery, and I recommend a shorter two- or three-month Launch Sprint instead.