Jerry, Judy, Pete, 2021-04-11

Next Steps

HackMD vs. Wiki

  • nice to have real-time collab editing (HackMD)
  • nice to have multiple pages (Wiki)
  • not so nice to put multiple days' notes on one HackMD doc, not so nice to not have multiple days' notes at hand

Dimensionality of OGM

  • definitions
  • many different things to many different people
  • e.g., the community at large that attends Thursday calls vs. the community described in the MoU

Approaching the SOW: Blocking and Tackling

  • skim SoW through individually to orient and reacquaint ourselves with all of it
  • precedent task: recruiting more people to do this work, which will let us get everything done
  • define a min-max scope for each thing
    • MVP
    • feasibility demonstration
    • probability factors
  • "membrane" around it to avoid grief
  • turning into a plan
    • wiki page per thing
    • SoW Plan Airtable
      • "epics"
      • stories
      • assigned personnel
      • estimated hours
      • can be exported as CSV and imported to Notion (and/or Massive)

Real Work(tm), yay!


Prep Sprint (prerequisites with indefinite timelines)

(aka preconditions, phase 0, sprint 0)

  • fundraising (how much? / what percent?)
    • $XYZk total
  • recruiting (volunteer+paid) (how much? / what)
    • ABCk hours
  • any other necessary prep work for Launch Sprint
  • optionally, pre-work benefiting Launch Sprint
  • setting up project management for Launch Sprint

Launch Sprint (maybe 6 months, maybe 3 months)

  • work as defined in SoW

Other Stuff

Jerry's GDoc OGM Engagement Proposal for Lionsberg

from Google Docs

OGM Engagement Proposal for Lionsberg

March 2021


Open Global Mind, currently a community of practice, seeks to become a platform for tktk.

OGM’s Mission

In one sentence: Helping humans make better decisions together.

Alternative: Navigating humbly in community toward truth.

Alternative: Helping humans coalesce into effective sovereign entities, individually and collectively.


  • We are in the middle of five crises, give or take.
  • Discourse at large is broken. We are stuck in logjams, unable to work together on important issues.
  • Some actors are intentionally undermining discourse and trust.
  • This process has widened a global cultural divide, making things worse.
  • Our lack of a shared memory makes us amnesic, dumber, easier to manipulate.
  • Emotion and membership trump reason most of the time.
  • Business is more political than businesses would like to admit.
  • We need better tools and techniques for sharing stories, facts and points of view.
  • Those tools need to interoperate, as well as share trustworthy, linked, contextual data.
  • The tools, techniques and data need to be as open and accessible as possible.
  • Our platform needs to be credible and durable.
  • That means it needs to help its participants make a living through their participation.
  • We (OGM) don’t have the best answers, but can help those who do (while absorbing their insights).

Useful Metaphors:

  • OGM is an estuary where nutrients feed different groups, who innovate together.
  • OGM is like colonies of farmer ants, who tend to a fungus that feeds them all.
  • OGM is part of a growing ecosystem of organizations prototyping the next economy.
  • OGM reaches across to other organizations like mycelial hyphae, making contact and exchanging nutrients. We are part of a virtual Wood Wide Web.
  • In order to re-weave the fabric of society, OGM is helping weave a global brain.
  • OGM uses Jerry’s Brain as sourdough starter, to stimulate creation of that global brain.

OGM’s Secret Sauce

OGM aims to spark collective intelligence by offering meta value:

  • We don’t come up with the best solution to climate change, capitalism or racism: We help those who have fabulous solutions represent, share, pitch, connect and scale theirs.
  • We don’t build the One Platform to Rule Them All: We help those who are building great platforms and apps interoperate, open up and find new models for thriving while sharing.
  • We don’t build the world’s most credible database: We promote distributed, contextual, linked, warm, reliable data.
  • We weave knowledge, software and people.
  • We provide bridges and interconnections (we introduce and connect individuals and groups).
  • We offer curated solution sets at all levels, in all domains.
  • Booster rockets.

What OGM Is Building

We envision the following five layers for OGM to build out:

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Governance
  3. Knowledge
  4. Services
  5. Contagion

Explaining the Layers

All of these have our shared vision and culture woven through them.

  1. Infrastructure

To nurture the building of a shared collective sensemaking infrastructure. Prototype, model and share it out. Find relevant open source software, test and integrate it. Reach out to the developers.

How do we help groups move forward into a shared understanding.

  • place to share understanding
  • place to talk about understanding
  • google group, discourse, csc mattermost, google docs
  • experiments in building/hosting/using infrastructure

Preference for open source software

  • prefer to use OSS
  • bias vendors of proprietary tools to be friendly / move towards OSS

Preference for distributed tools

Separate out the data layer


Each of the layers is also infrastructure.

  1. Governance

In order to become more useful in its mission, OGM needs visible organization, values and methods. It also needs a legal structure, and people willing to occupy roles with responsibility for the whole.


  • charity or not?
  • Officers
  • Bank account
  • The not-GANNTT-charty thing we use for coordinating what we’re doing
  • A description of Onboarding Process for organizations
  • Typology of Inter-organizational relationships
  • List of 6 other orgs, approach them, report on how it went, post-mortem (some friendlies, some not)

  • Or, list of known orgs to approach, plus deliverable of identifying X number of unknown orgs as well

  • a commitment to work on governance

  • a plan for same

  • Knowledge

The “mother” of OGM’s knowledge web is Jerry’s Brain, but it is just the start. Federation of mothers. Federation of peers.

  1. Services and Products

Business models for those services. What services? What values do they have to uphold?

Metrics of trust. Stakeholders…. Edelman Trust. Glassdoor. Yelp. Brands as proxy for trust.

  1. Contagion

Upward spiral. “I’ll have what she’s having.” Modeling.

For This Six-Month Sprint


  1. Shared collective sensemaking infrastructure - backbone[a] - built by different people - know what we know, set up great experiments… and thereby change how education, governance, corporate decision making… Building and modeling the technical infrastructure for sharing what we know.
  2. Outreach group / method / process - going to Rome research community… distributed web people… and out to facilitation communities… Looping in a variety of communities…

  3. Not - building a platform that everyone will use.

  4. But - bringing together into something interoperable and useful.

  5. Hosting convos that lead us to designing experiments, writing code (massive Wiki - separating out data so it looks like wiki to wiki engine, but PowerPoint to PowerPoint engine.

  6. How do we navigate towards Truth in community[b]…. And then understand the right wise thing to DO in light of what we have come to know.

  7. We have lost control of the ability to dialogue and navigate towards truth…

  8. This is crucial to our survival as a species… because we have to understand and solve the global grand challenges.
  9. This effort has been co-opted corporations and political instructions - we are at risk of existing in ideological filter bubbles that will increasingly keep us separated and enslaved.

  10. Platform and protocol for navigating towards Truth for the wellbeing of All…


  12. Governance of collective information / knowledge / wisdom / associated infrastructure… [c]

  13. NOT - individual or corporate ownership… hence - free Jerry’s brain…
  14. What is OGMy… how does it manifest in social / cultural / legal / technological protocols - that ensure trust and interoperability… among all platforms moving in the support of the Meta Goal…
  15. Facilitation and convening of this conversation on social / cultural / legal / tech protocols for the open future…
  16. It is unethical to own and manipulate information for corporate, political, or national gain… Because - it is essentially lying… which destroys trust and divides… and eliminates our ability to collectively discern the wise right thing to do…
  17. Calling BS on the corporate and political and media platforms that are opaquely manipulating and controlling the public discourse…
  18. Actively… modeling and prototyping both platform and governance in a very active and continuously improving manner…

  20. Mining and Organization of Knowledge… As the meta project dialogue unfolds - the mining and organization of collective plans and knowledge in the commons… that can be transparently seen, interacted with, improved by the global community… Charles - the mining and organization of the knowledge that emerges from facilitated conversations…

  21. Machine learning and also rhythms - synthesize what got said, how it connects to the broader cloud of everyone is thinking…
  22. Ethical frameworks for using the right tech…
  23. Building the Open Global Mind that can collectively discern Truth, the wise right thing to do, and how to execute on it…
  24. Mining and weaving… establishing norms and processes for getting to shared understanding… how we deal with convo, tag it up, link to context it, enrich it…


  26. Facilitating, convening, consulting (Service Layer)


  28. Modeling and Contagion - (wraps in the speeches and consulting etc.) Being out in public, using it, and doing it. What it is like, what it feels like

  29. A precursor to Trust is (the ability / process to humbly navigate towards Truth in community… antidote to Ideology… bottom up citizen science…)

  30. Problem with Wikipedia - single canonical page… behind the scenes - haggling about canonical way…

  31. Huge chunk - that is deep listening and respecting one another… Listening with respect. Being present, offering dignity, presenting peace and facilitating peace - navigating together is more important than truth part…

  32. Knowing what is not - dissolving the negative rather than painting the positive…

  33. Positive - in the form of hypothesis.
  34. Negative - what is not… Dissolving what isn’t and what is keeping us apart…

  35. Guilds within OGM - mapped to craft, durable, bringing in new, training apprentice to journeyman to master, and responsible for improving the trade and making it broadly useful and accessible… not guild secrets…

  36. OGM Guilds…

  37. Map Whisperers - gifted at using brain, kumu, miro - map issues, tell stories…
  38. StoryThreaders
  39. LiFe on other planets.
  40. Role - find employment for members… or fellowship, rewards, etc.
  41. Magnet and focal point for the craft as a thing to do to make a living…
  42. Rethinking how we treat assets, ideas, and ownership
  43. How do guilds bubble up into the meta - and work as openly as possible - so they bubble up outside and are available to … bias towards openly… working wikily…

  44. Consultancy -

  45. could employ people of various guilds…

  46. Quests - time bounded important and interesting projects.

  47. Top 3 objections

  48. Contradictory - why are you describing businesses we would start up, vs. infrastructure and other stuff.

  49. Commons - platform, the ideas, the knowledge, the governance… Open Source Space…

  50. Service Layer - leveraging of the platform - into services and helping others leverage the platform…
  51. Contagion Layer -

  52. If businesses - half of this should be marketing…

  53. OGM is moving towards building something that is not represented here…

  54. Actually and literally attempting to make a wise open global mind…

  55. Brain and neural network for humanity…

  56. Sending and receiving of accurate information to the global community…
  57. Friendly docking system with other cultures and points of view… very absorbent and receptive to others…

[a]I have no idea what this means. What kind of infrastructure?

[b]this is so vague that it loses meaning.

[c]This is so broad that I could not possibly tell anyone else what OGM was working on.