OGM Stewardship Jerry + Pete, 2021-03-28


  • Discuss who/how many are quorum for which classes of decisions, for when we need to make definite decisions, potentially more frequently than once per week. (Bootstrap governance / Governance Plan)
  • Start Communicating Lionsberg Process to OGM (to OGM members about OGM-Lionsberg).
  • Start OGM Program/Project Management Tool Decision Plan (between Massive, Notion, Airtable, + whatever else).
  • Decide how/when to move most Stewardship operations back into the public channels rather than Inner Circle.
  • Review need for other plans, such as Operational Plan for Launch Sprint.
  • Discuss need for additional Stewardship meetings (like this one), and scheduling them better.
  • Wrap the meeting and items above for presentation and review on Tuesday's meeting.
    • write up agenda for Tuesday's meeting
  • Work (or not) on merging in MoU edits
  • Project Mulligatawny (vs. lentil soup :-)

Bootstrap governance / Governance Plan

  • Quorum for Classes of Decisions
    • sometimes we need decisions more frequently than once a week (or when we can convene everybody)
    • what's our bat signal? we need a way to make sure everybody in a quorum can be contacted swiftly
      • mattermost? email notifications? push notifications to mobile? etc.
      • email list?
    • what things can be done unilaterally? what things require agreement, and what level of agreement?