Finalizing Lionsberg+OGM MoU

Creating and Sharing MoU

living timeline, dates subject to change

gantt title Creating and Sharing MoU
dateFormat MM-DD
axisFormat  %m/%d
Section MoU
Communication Plan :, 03-30, 7d
Finalize plan :finalize, 03-31, 1d
Communicate to Members :communicate, after finalize, 5d
Sign MoU :sign, 04-06, 1d
Section Operationalization
Start Operationalizion Plan :, 04-02, 4d
Operationalization :after communicate, 5d
  • mapping on Miro board
    • created on 3/21
    • Jerry and Charles to populate more (when?)
  • collaborate on the MoU on the regular Stewardship Council Jam Sesh call (3/23)
  • synchronize the MoU with Jordan (iterate until everybody's happy) (3/24 jerry, 3/25 team)
  • start Communication Plan on the regular Stewardship Council Jam Sesh call (3/30)
  • Jordan, Jerry, Charles, Pete to finalize in meetings with Lionsberg General Counsel (duration: 3/24-4/6 )
  • start Operationalization Plan (tbd)
  • finalize Communicating Lionsberg Process to OGM plan (3/31)
  • communicate with OGM members at large (duration 3/31-4/5)

Due Diligence Around Steward Ownership

  • do a short tour of other possible models
  • does a 501(c)3 create a bunch of paperwork, more than we can do?

Due Diligence Around Lionsberg

Agreeing Collectively to Take Responsibility for MoU Commitments

Finalize and Sign MoU

  • Jordan to grab OFC values and alignment section and insert
    • Pete to give Jordan a DOCX and Jordan to give back
  • meet with Lionsberg General Counsel
  • sign document with Lionsberg (4/6)

Follow-On Action Items / Plans

  • Discuss who/how many are quorum for which classes of decisions, for when we need to make definite decisions, potentially more frequently than once per week. (Bootstrap governance / Governance Plan)
  • Start OGM Program/Project Management Tool Decision Plan (between Massive, Notion, Airtable, + whatever else).
  • Decide how/when to move most Stewardship operations back into the public channels rather than Inner Circle.

Infrastructure for MoU Work