OGM Stewards Jam Sesh, 2021-04-27

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  • Jerry, Judy, Scott, David, Pete
  • not Lauren, Charles, Matt


  • Check in as people.
  • Discuss how to chunk meeting and what to do if we have overflow agenda items.
  • stuff goes here
  • Discuss and record next steps.
  • Check out as people.

Potential Agenda Items

numbers give priority order

  • (1) Review status of OGM + Lionsberg partnership and structuring of OGM.
  • (3) Review the term "steward ownership" in relation to OGM:
    • what is being stewarded?
      • authority, responsibility
    • who is stewarding?
    • what is owned?
    • who is owning?
  • (2) Discuss David Bovill's proposal to collaborate on Governance issues (below)
  • (5) Tour of OGM Wiki, OGM Mainsite (temp), and Massive Wiki static site generation.
  • (6) Start prep for Thursday OGM+Lionsberg call.
  • (7) Check in on Quest - Opening up OGM.
  • (8) What do we think about the new [Quest] namespace in CSC Mattermost? What do we think CSC thinks about it?
  • (9) Review Stewardship Dashboard items.
  • (deferred to work session) Work session on MOU / Appendix A - Sprint 1 Statement of Work / Legal section documents.
    • 2 hours tomorrow at 11am PDT / 1900 London
  • (4) Handling scale ; decentralization


Wiki Governance

  • good wiki structure = good governance
  • clarity of definitions

References / Resources

Handling Scale; Decentralization

  • How to achieve consensus in a large group of people? (i.e., scale)
  • Idea: decentralized federation of focused sovereigns
    • Federation = agreements, commitments, promises between sovereigns.
    • Each sovereign has its own, focused, vision/mission/values around a center of gravity.
    • Sovereigns can be service providers and clients to each other.
    • This is called federated micro-publics in GaiaFests "minimal viable governance model".
      • therefore, "sovereign" = "micro-publics"
  • Observations
    • Amorphousness is good.
    • Focus is good.
    • Decentralization and federation provide both amorphousness and focus.
  • Tools
    • Scaling while preserving the quality of rich deliberation requires tool support.

Proposal to Join Forces on Governance Issues

See original proposal at Proposal to Join Forces on Governance Issues (GaiaFest)

  • not a governance model per se, rather a time scale
  • short-term process for funding
  • (a flotilla of sovereigns/micro-publics forming and doing work that might be, could be hundreds of them)
  • mid-term (Nov 21 / June 22), really good process for constitution OGM, GaiaFest
    • 10-15 membership meetings would be needed for good process

"revenue stream" -> "value stream" (where "value" == something that i or someone really care about, a measurable value, value creation)


  • practical, federation
  • each sovereign is a legal entity, with its own form
  • an ecosystem of legal entities


  • test: if it's a minimal step, are you ready to burn it down and build something else?
  • "'subset of the flotilla' is misleading"
  • "governance is about managing conflict"
  • "pace matching"
  • where do you incorporate the law
  • Legislative Theatre
  • "evolution needs something to work with"