Lionsberg + OGM, 2021-04-22


Meeting Notes

  • recapping last call
    • grew and learned
  • where we're at as a team
    • Charles, Lauren, Judy, Jerry, Pete, Matt
  • structure
    • hypotheses, moving to better and better answers
    • all funds go to production of non-profit assets
  • creating a map off all the possible problem sets (00:29)
    • focusing on a few specific problem sets
    • what are the hypotheses and questions we are exploring / trying to solve
    • what are the hypotheses and questions others in our networks are exploring / trying to solve
    • flotilla of sovereigns may be more attractive to funding partners (00:43)
  • new MOU structure (00:47)
    • short legal MOU, pragmatic fiscal sponsorship relationship
      • purposes of orgs, why we are aligning
    • appendix a (or last?): slim, fast SOW; approximate good we want to achieve
      • really, the SOW for this sprint; updated for each sprint
      • release number 1, 2, 3, 4
        • or release names :-)
    • appendix b: cultures and values alignment
    • appendix c: larger, evolving vision document
  • can implement a library wiki approach to MOU + sprint plan + culture, values, vision docs
    • Lionsberg Template Wiki for Founding Documents

IP - needs to be in the commons (even for-profit) - what about attribution?

Administrative Fee - covers administrative costs, call it 5% - won't cover Lionsberg's costs for low-volume - excess funds collected are allocated back into funds to be disbursed - percentage doesn't scale with cost #PotentialStructuralBug - goal: benefits commons rather than growth - separate from Common Infrastructure (tree trunk) structure, or tithing, or etc.

Bugs / Features / To Dos - need to define what the Commmons is - Regenerative Economy - rules are all provisional until replaced by something better (kind of like Science) - different domains around the world will have different solutions needed (e.g., 501(c)3 isn't for every nation)

Massive Wiki - Pete and Jordan to explore The Way of Massive Wiki :-)

Consider Other Lifeforms - easy to make some more fractal copies at this point

After Thursday 4/22 Jordan Call