Appendix A - Sprint 1 Statement of Work


OGM Bootstrap and Lionsberg will engage for one calendar quarter, which we call "Sprint 1".

OGM Bootstrap Operating Infrastructure

OGM Bootstrap will have open and participatory planning, coordination, and knowledge management.

Possible tools will include:

  • OGM Wiki
  • CSC Mattermost


  • Two weeks before the end of the Sprint, we will hold a retrospective in which we will reflect on how the Sprint went, and how to proceed next.


  • Demonstrate good practices with the "OGM Bootstrap Operating Infrastructure" above
  • With OGM Membership:
    • OGM Bootstrap will facilitate completion of an OGM-specific version of FAQ, Entity-Member Relationship.
    • OGM Bootstrap will facilitate completion of the Appendix B: Cultures and Value Alignment.
    • OGM Bootstrap will facilitate the documentation of OGM Structure.
  • Develop OGM Fund:
    • Structurally, probably a Donor-Advised Fund.
    • Prototype funding of fellowships and sovereigns.
    • Set up financial infrastructure as needed.
  • Flesh out the concepts of a "Generative Commons" and Appendix C - Draft of Generative Commons Agreement.
  • Execute Tranche 1 funding.
  • Prepare for Tranche 2 funding.