OGM Community Patterns

Coalescing a New Community

  1. a couple of people in conversation realize that there is a latent community of practice that could come together
    1. come up with a good and descriptive name!
  2. a mattermost channel is created with a few obvious initial participants
  3. additional participants continue to join the channel, either from invites (direct and indirect), or just because the name is attractive
  4. the participants keep adding content (the more the better) and discussion they think is relevant to the topic
  5. at some point, critical mass is achieved, and the participants deeper and richer interactions both here and elsewhere (zoom calls, working sessions, etc.)

Everything Is A Project

When we work together, we need a shared understanding of the goals and action plan. Copy the Template for Project to a new page and fill it out.


  • how do you identify yourself? how do we know you?
  • real name, nickname, obscure name (not obviously connected to other names), pseudonymity, anonymity