(Name of Project Goes Here) Plan

see Template for Project (How to Use) for notes and instructions

see Template for Project (How to Use)


where is the project right now?

Roles and Responsibilities

who is handling the standard project roles, and what are they responsible for doing?

Steward(s) / Customer / Sponsor

the person who requires the output of the project and has allocated the resources for it

Project Manager

the person responsible for the drumbeat and tempo of the project, and for its administrative details, including good project management hygiene


the person responsible to the Sponsor for making sure the project is accomplished and to the Team for making sure they are able to accomplish the project


people working on the project

Output, Goals, Value Achieved

what will this project achieve? when you are done, how will you know?

Resource Requirements

what (people, money, things) are needed to accomplish this project? where do they come from?


who are the people working on this project? who can I ask for more information? how can I best get in touch with them?


what is the overall strategy for accomplishing this project?

Workplan and Timeline

what are the specific tasks needed to accomplish our goals? when might they happen? who / what / when?

Communication Norms

how have the project participants agreed to stay in touch? what, where and how often are regular meetings? special ceremonies?