How does OGM think about what issues are addressed and talked about?

Do we have particular issues on which we focus?

Or do we focus on issue only when critical mass is reached?

Some that come to mind:

  • the polarization by major media (loss of trusted sources)
  • surveillance capitalism
  • surveillance governments (both authoritarian regimes and the growing surveillance by the US government)
  • alternative health
  • plant medicine
  • growing cold war between US and China
  • systemic racism
  • deep adaptation
  • wise collapse
  • IP collaboration
  • interoperable/ federated data (cf. wise data channel)

Does OGM present itself to the world, to prospective new members, as focused on certain issues?

Is there enough attention space to cover everything?

Should OGM prioritize particular topic areas into Quests.

Where does the Sensemaking happen?

Also see other organizations that track large-scale topics to watch: - UN Sustainable Development Goals - ALLFED