Redesigning the Thursday calls, 2021-04-02


  • do we need to continue this discussion?
    • what / how / when


  • After-Action Review
  • For Jerry
    • dipping the ladle in the stream
    • stirring the pot (a little)
    • explicitly won't get to everything
  • Debrief Pete on what's not working :)
    • Didn't hear from everyone
    • People who want to chime in don't get to
    • This won't scale
  • Whether / How
  • Pete: "Federating" calls
  • Poll attendees? people who come, people who have stopped coming
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Infrastructure for Gathering(s)
    • zoom + mattermost + wiki + forum
    • one on ones
    • trying to do everything
  • How to invite people
  • Onboarding
    • Michael: Is the Thursday meeting the onboarding for new participants, or do we want to make something else be that? (ie create a new meeting/s that are the gateway drug)
  • How do new people know how these meetings go?
    • feature/bug, emergence is nice, confusion is frustrating
    • tiny bit of risk
  • Hand signals

What is Working / What is Not Working

  • "church sense", drink in the goodness of whatever gets said
    • not breaking this seems important
    • a time to commune with each other
    • manifestion of the spirit of OGM
  • The calls aren't "open" enough
  • Some people feel like they can't participate / aren't welcome in the call
  • Time zone friendlyness
  • Work day / business hour friendlyness

The OGM Salon

  • guide(s) for how to get the most out of the calls
  • guide(s) how to particpate best in the calls


  • structure / template
  • every meeting feels like an AA meeting
  • your AA meeting feels like home


  • always-on, perpetual meeting


What to do now

  • Create Massive pages that:
    • sets Thursday call expectations
    • describe what is where in OGM
    • describe "onboarding" or outreach
    • point to Code of Conduct we like and obey
  • Talk on Tuesday 4/6 Opening OGM call about the role of calls in onboarding people

Action Items

  • launch the quest of Opening OGM
  • create a simple set of guideposts for people who are new to the call
    • artifact(s): a simple document people can look at, PDF and web page
  • poll participants of Thursday calls
  • crowdsource howtos / advice about new calls at the front of the call
    • could be in chat