Lionsberg + OGM, 2021-04-01

Before The Meeting

  • Jerry to send this page to Jordan
  • Jerry to post this page as PDF to Stewards channel


  • touch on current state of Draft OGM-Lionsberg MoU from April-May 2021
    • when / how to wrap
  • set up GC + OGM (Jerry, Charles, Pete) meetings / touchpoints
  • how to coordinate with Jamaica / OFC?
  • touch on OGM's use of Notion to coordinate with Lionsberg + cohort
    • setting up accounts for OGM folks (Jerry, Pete, Judy, Lauren, Charles)
  • coordinating in general (Notion? CSC Mattermost? OGM Wiki? anything else?)
  • values (shared values) (as something that infuses all of The Five Layers)
    • connecting with OFC
    • vision, shared vision, north star
    • clear enough common intention, collective intent
    • (also see notes in Stewards Action Items section below)
  • are PDFs useful? should there be something else in addition or instead?
    • Notion
  • Matt and Jordan mention of deploying capital
  • Stewards moving from private to public channels

Meeting Notes

set up GC + OGM (Jerry, Charles, Pete) meetings / touchpoints

  • Tuesday 4/6 at 7am PDT, 90 minutes

coordinating with Lionsberg and cohort

  • setting up Notion accounts for OGM folks (Jerry, Pete, Judy, Lauren, Charles)
    • Pete to send names and email addresses to Jordan

how to coordinate in general

  • with Jamaica / OFC?
  • OGM as "radar" for tools and interconnection of tools
  • Collaborative Tech Alliance
  • in 2-3 weeks
    • key thrusts and priorities and progress from OGM
    • and from OFC
  • Jordan
    • working on how to hold contextual space for interconnection
    • Mission Control team, will maybe hold a little of the space
    • Oracle Primavera P6 right now for overall view


  • spending down funds
  • replenishing funds
    • sometimes from new funding partners
  • each org owns its fundraising and stability
  • a bigger flotilla can attract more funding
    • see if we can get a bigger meta-project funded as a proof point

Stewards Action Items

Getting to Lionsberg+OGM meeting on time

  • (re)formatting the check-in call
  • starting to wrap the call earlier

Culture and Values (values, shared values)

  • we're good enough for now with the MoU
  • culture operationalize and keep abstract values going for the long-term
  • Charles: maybe just add a line or two saying that it infuses all five layers
  • no legal document that can bind for the long-term, it's only culture

if there's not a shared vision or north star, the people dissolve

  • determining whether we're moving towards the same north star or not
  • "Vision" / shared vision
  • vision and values system
    • continual refreshing

how we manifest what we say we believe "performative contradiction"

north star

  • Pacific Islander navigation includes many things other than stars
  • Commander's Intent
    • discern intent
    • Lean
    • Construction
    • Navigating towards truth (highest good or intention that we can conceptualize)

hold an orientation (to highest good we can conceive)

  • stacking layers of questing

quest harmonization

Le Goût de la Mer


highest intention

  • milestones
  • iteration

honoring, amplifying, harmonizing

fully-developed consciousness to emerge

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