The Five Layers

  • Infrastructure
  • Governance
  • Knowledge
  • Services
  • Contagion


  • platforms and protocols for navigating towards truth for the good of all
  • collective sensemaking infrastructure / backbone
  • collectively arrive at better understanding
  • building and modeling the technical infrastructure for knowing and sharing what we know

Observation: other groups, educators, etc. can tap into and use some of the same infrastructure with us.


  • stewardship, governance of collective information, knowledge, wisdom; and the associated infrastructure
  • discernment of social, cultural, technical, legal protocols
  • management of funds
    • income
    • paying taxes
    • investment
    • disbursement
  • equitable distribution of value
    • distribution methods, especially for cash
    • Fellowship structure
    • engagement structure & compensation
    • do members contribute dues, tithes, etc?
    • does the organization pay some members for some services?
  • measuring and evaluating multiple kinds of value, both singly, and in comparison to other kinds
  • decision-making
  • deliberation
  • nomenclature, organization
  • planning, reflecting


  • mining, mapping, organization of knowledge
  • interconnecting maps
  • mining and organization of collective plans in the commons that can be transparently seen, interacted with, and improved by the global community in accordance with the governance protocols, and using the associated infrastructure
  • understanding kinds of knowledge
    • somatic, scientific, folk wisdom
    • anti-knowledge, misinformation
  • moving up and down the DIKW hierarchy


  • facilitating, convening, consulting service layer to help and empower communities to interact with what we know (knowledge, wisdom)
  • empower orgs to shift to working within collective sensemaking and the commons (facilitating the sharing of learnings, intellectual property, best practices among the sovereign entities)
  • some services generate income for the organization
  • some services consume resources but contribute to the commons
  • just-in-time connection of resources and relationships to worthy projects


  • being out in public, using, doing
  • speeches
  • visible modeling of the platform
  • visibly modeling norms and behaviors



  • nuturing the commons, rather than sequestering the commons