Note: the book publishing nomenclature here is handy, but not concrete. The books we create are known artifacts, but less important than the live nuggets we co-create in this space.


  • responsible for the overall information architecture, and for balancing clarity, depth vs. breadth, target audience needs, consistency, etc.

Book Champion(s)

  • responsible for proposing and stewarding a book to completion

Editorial Board

  • responsible for un-hiding hidden assumptions, and for making reasonable partitions between topics
  • responsible for finding resonances between volumes and curating the health of the underlying platform.

Chapter Authors

  • a few folks with subject matter expertise, and maybe one or two who specialize in the tone and voice of OGM, or who are shadowing the main authors to gain experience, or whatever.
  • responsible for evolving the chapter(s) they maintain, based on OGM discussions

Technical Publishing Team

  • responsible for setting up and maintaining the publishing architecture

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