The project management team reviewed and updated this page May 9, 2023.

Longer term issues are on the Marley Roadmap.

To Do

  • Find book champions (Doug, Klaus, Pete, Jerry)
  • Start developing the Marley Production Process
  • Refine the Roles page
  • Define what metaphor(s) we want to use for overall structure here
  • Put out a call across OGM land (status update, new name, meeting times, channel)
  • Try not to let the joy leak out :-)
  • Reorg the wiki pages: create a Marley folder
    • define the folder structure we want
    • actually move the files
  • In the wiki, change QFB to "Food Revolt"


currently empty


  • Choose topic and contributors for Quick First Book
  • [x] Discuss Marley governance (Pete)
  • [x] Reorg the wiki pages (Pete and Jerry by 4/18)
  • [x] Change project references to "Marley"
  • [x] Write description of Marley for Plex (Jerry by 4/18)
  • [x] On Fridays, set up reminder to OGM list for Monday Marley calls (Jerry on 4/14)
  • [x] Write the Marley FAQ entry, "Aren't Books Dead?" (Jerry by 4/20)
  • [x] Demo Tools for Thought project tracker
  • [x] Project Naming (from SenseDoing and OGM Topics)
  • [x] New temporary name: Marley (weir, cairn)
  • [x] Announce Stewart's call segment to OGM community (Jerry)