Although it has nothing to do with dogs or pets in general, this project is named Marley in honor of Stacey Druss's late shaggy dog of that name (see below). We keep his memory going when we talk about this project.

Project Marley started with Pete's Original OGM Topics Proposal, which was a challenge to OGM to write an edited volume book. That's a book where each chapter is contributed by a different writer, but the chapters together work as a book.

Our first goal is to co-write a Quick First Book, getting the basic elements in place to go from Markdown files to a published ePub or Kindle File Format book. We need to pick that first book's topic and contents soon.

After that book is published, we will escalate things, convening book-writing teams and exploring the book ideas' intersections, so the books might share "nuggets" of content.

We refer to "books" with a bit of tongue in cheek, because conventional books are inert and obsolete. So:

  • Books are known cultural objects: shiny, attractive media that anyone can understand
  • Books serve as an inviting entry point to a vast array of captivating online resources, such as:
    • Live discussions (both real-time and over time)
    • Further resources, should you want to act on a Nugget's advice
    • Constantly updated content that reflects our growing knowledge and understanding

To co-write several intersecting books, we will need to develop Roles, a Marley Production Process, a Design Bible and a Marley FAQ to explain outstanding questions.

We have notes from some of the Marley Meetings.

We intend to have project agreements based on Stewart Levine's ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS OF AGREEMENTS.

PS: Our namesake:

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