Currently, this page lists features under discussion.

Chapters - The website is organized into topical "chapters", each with set of named authors (see Roles). Chapters include both "topics" (e.g. climate change, war in Ukraine) and "mega topics" (e.g., governance, capitalism, managing the earth)

Discussion - At least to start, I would suggest we don't try to add discussion to the OGM Topics website, and manage discussions however we do today (OGM list, OGM calls, and CSC Mattermost a little). Chapter authors (see Roles) would be responsible for evolving the chapter(s) they maintain, based on those discussions.

Scenarios - For example, for starters, three obvious scenarios: first, do nothing; second, high tech all the way; third, localization all the way. They could be added and managed to each chapter by the chapter authors. (Again, with discussion of how to evolve the scenarios external to OGM Topics, at least for now.)

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