Vision and Intent Template 1

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Vision and Intent Framework

Vision Statement

Our Purpose

  • A clear and concise statement describing the purpose behind the formation of the citizens' organization.

Our Ambition

  • A comprehensive description of the long-term aspiration and positive impact that the organization envisions.

Core Values

  • Up to five fundamental principles that guide the organization's actions and decisions.

Intent Statement

Our Focus

  • The specific topic around which the organization aims to raise awareness.

Our Strategy

  • An outline of the key goals and objectives the organization will concentrate on to drive meaningful change.

Actions and Initiatives

  1. Awareness Campaigns: Programs, events or campaigns to educate and inform the public about the topic.
  2. Partnerships: Collaborative efforts made with like-minded organizations, local authorities, and key stakeholders.
  3. Resources Development: A range of materials (such as the website and ebook) designed to provide credible information on the topic.
  4. Community Engagement: Efforts to involve and empower the local community to support the cause.
  5. Policy Advocacy: Pushing for policy changes and reforms by engaging with decision-makers and legislators.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • The methods and metrics the organization will use to assess the effectiveness and success of its initiatives.

Our Legacy

  • A statement envisioning the lasting impact that the organization hopes to achieve and the change it aims to create on the local, regional, or global level.

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