QFB Vision-Intent Starter A

some verbiage to start discussion


Empowering Sustainable Food Systems Through Bioregional Awareness

Our vision is to nurture healthy and resilient ecosystems by promoting bioregional food systems that respect the natural environment and socio-economic context of each area. Grounded in local communities, these food systems will support self-sufficiency, boost biodiversity, and foster stronger, more equitable relationships among nature, producers, and consumers. We aim to build a global awareness that catalyzes a shift towards bioregional collaborations and inspires a new food production and consumption paradigm that is inclusive, environmentally responsible, and just.


Educate, Collaborate, and Innovate for Regenerative Bioregional Food Systems

Our intent is to create a space for open dialogue and knowledge sharing that encourages a deeper understanding of the intertwined challenges and opportunities of bioregional food systems. We will:

  1. Provide fact-based and accessible information on the environmental, social, and economic dimensions of bioregional-centric food systems.
  2. Showcase successful prototypes and their core strategies for implementation, adaptation, and replication.
  3. Facilitate connections and partnerships between local and global stakeholders to accelerate collaborative solutions and policy changes to promote bioregional food systems.
  4. Encourage innovation in food production, distribution, and consumption practices that align with bioregional characteristics and enhance sustainability.
  5. Engage individuals and communities to adopt bioregional practices in their daily lives, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility for the well-being of their bioregions.