Weaving the World First Call Workflow


This is a project plan and workflow for the first call for Weaving the World.


  • [ ] Drafting this project plan
  • [ ] Jerry and Pete agreeing on the workflow elements

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Sponsor: Jerry for WtW
  • Project Manager
  • Lead
  • Team


the person who requires the output of the project and has allocated the resources for it

Project Manager

the person responsible for the drumbeat and tempo of the project, and for its administrative details, including good project management hygiene


the person responsible to the Sponsor for making sure the project is accomplished and to the Team for making sure they are able to accomplish the project


people working on the project


what will this project achieve? when you are done, how will you know?

  • We will have a complete first episode.
  • We will ready to have a composting call about the first episode.
  • We will have defined:
    • website structure, including where episode pages, and pages connected to a particular episode live
  • There will be links or embeds in the Google Site that include the first episode pages.
  • All of which will set precedent for subsequent episodes.
  • There will be documentation that describes what we did and how to do it next time.

Resource Requirements

what (people, money, things) are needed to accomplish this project? where do they come from?



what is the overall strategy for accomplishing this project?

Workplan and Timeline

what are the specific tasks needed to accomplish our goals? when might they happen? who / what / when?

Communication Norms

how have the project participants agreed to stay in touch? what, where and how often are regular meetings? special ceremonies?