Weaving the World Project Plan


where is the project right now? - Planning phase

Roles and Responsibilities

who is handling the standard project roles, and what are they responsible for doing?


the person who requires the output of the project and has allocated the resources for it - TBD/Lionsberg

Project Manager

  • Phil Lead
  • Jerry


people working on the project - TBD


what will this project achieve? when you are done, how will you know?

Resource Requirements

what (people, money, things) are needed to accomplish this project? where do they come from?


who are the people working on this project? who can I ask for more information? how can I best get in touch with them?


what is the overall strategy for accomplishing this project? - This project will consist of a interview series show. We will interview subject matter experts as well as tool and process guests. Our aim is to discuss not only what the pressing issues of our time are, but how people are adressing them in both theory and practice. - We will harvest/improve the content of those interviews, weaving it into multiple persistent memory streams (one of which is Jerry's Brain). - The meta part of the project is applying the tools to the content and community, all while improving the tools and processes.

Workplan and Timeline

what are the specific tasks needed to accomplish our goals? when might they happen? who / what / when? - Interview series show - Show description - Goal of show - Cadence - Unique things we do, our differentiators - Identify and reach out to guests - Content guests (crowdsource?) - Tool/process guests
- Reflect, then improve the show - Identify necessary roles - Identify nice to have roles - Marketing & communications strategy - Visual branding (icons, banners) - Audio assets (intro/outro, etc. ) - Decide on channels - Attention hacking - Funding - Jerry to pitch (how?) to potential funders - How much is volunteer, what are our costs?

Communication Norms

how have the project participants agreed to stay in touch? what, where and how often are regular meetings? special ceremonies?

  • Next meeting Thursday at 1:30 PM



  • Friendly and hospitable home for other projects (co-design)
  • How do we stand this up as media entity, website?
  • What type of artefacts do we need for this
    • Tranisitions
    • Music
    • SFX