The Generative Commons

This OGM Quest - upcoming Zoom call at 2021-05-26, 7am PDT - started in discussion between the OGM stewardship group and Lionsberg, and encapsulates and advances several long-standing desires from all participants - community is just starting up, and is currently in convening mode - actively seeking more participants, ideas, experiences, knowledge, opinions, and passion - envisions one encompassing "The" Generative Commons (if it's not all-one, then it's not the commons) - builds on the good work of Creative Commons, but wants to encompass more forms of authorship (so, in enclosure terminology, not just copyright, but also patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and more) - proactively stewarded for the good of all, with passive and active responsibilities and protections

see these pages for more:

The contents of this post are now part of The Generative Commons - Overview. (Thanks for the prompting question to get it written down!)

The group is very interested in Peeragogy's insights, knowledge, and experiences with using public domain / CC0 licensing. Thank you for being here!