The Generative Commons - Resources

Chris Messina's "Community Marks"

Graham Boyd's "FairShares Commons"

  • FairShares Commons - "A FairShares Commons is a way to transcend and include the traditional company incorporations private or public limited companies, cooperatives, foundations. It works today in many countries. The FairShares Commons treats all capitals and all stakeholders on an equitable footing, giving us the tool we need to solve our global challenges."

Christine McDougall's "Syntropic Enterprises"

  • "Syntropic World, a global community of practise dedicated to supporting Syntropic Enterprises to become business-as-usual."
  • "The principles of Syntropic World have enabled diverse teams to co-create extraordinary outcomes entirely self managed and without a single human upset, all with their eyes cast on the 100 + year horizon. This includes tools such as Synergistic Accounting, where value is considered in 12 domains, and the Trust Manifesto, an enterprise architecture that gives sovereign choice in how we show up for the project or enterprise."

Cory Doctorow interview