Template for Project (How to Use)

see Template for Project for actual template


Activities in an organization should be performed in the context of a "project." The project framework helps everyone -- participants and observers -- know what's going on, and why particular actions are being performed.

Creating a project plan helps ensure that participants understand all of the components necessary to complete the project successfully. A project plan is also a form of communication to others -- a way of asking if everything has been thought of, where there might be problems, what the expected outcome is.

In the wiki age, a project plan is not a static thing. It is expected to evolve over time as needed to track reality. It is a living document. The changes in the plan are visible to others, and form part of the narrative of progress as the project unfolds.

Project Management Hygiene

  • set SMART goals
  • understand tasks required to accomplish goals, then set realistic timeline
  • create project plan in wiki
  • regular, frequent check-ins to iterate plan (goal, priorities, etc.) if necessary
  • after-action reviews at the end of project, including reflection/writeup of positives and deltas
  • experienced, well-oiled teams requires less strict project management hygiene
  • new, less-organized, or heterogenous teams require more attention to careful project management hygiene