Jerry Michalski and Peter Kaminski, 2022-08-10


  • making agendas on HackMD
    • why "Topics" instead of "Agenda"?
    • naming convention for meeting notes pages; social convention vs. kludge; consistency thereof
    • fav hard sci-fi?
      • The Expanse!
      • The Martian, Gravity, For All Mankind, special mention for Interstellar
      • Peace War + Marooned in Real Time
  • Wikis, vaults, repos, GitHub organizations and namespaces
  • upgrading wikis to MWB 2.x

Vaults vs. Repos

see also Vaults vs. Repos

"vault" is the Obsidian name of folder containing all the files.

"repo" (repository) is the Git name of a folder containing all the files.

Chris Aldrich maybe uses sub-vaults?

Where Do These Notes Go?

Let's use the example of the "Vaults vs. Repos" section above. This is a "nugget". Note that it is currently on a "page". :-)

Example: Jerry's Brain

Jerry would copy the Vaults vs Repos subsection of this doc, paste the title in as a new thought, then the two explanations as sub-thoughts. See

Example: OGM Wiki

Pete would save this page from HackMD straight into the Meetings folder on OGM Wiki.

If there were interesting sections, they could be made into separate pages, linked to the meeting page.

See Jerry Michalski and Peter Kaminski, 2022-08-10

There are different times and ways to make them into separate pages:

  • immediately, on review
  • later, when someone asks about the topic, or finds it on the page (perhaps with search)
  • manually, copying, creating a new page, pasting it into the page
  • semi-automatically in Obsidian, with e.g., "Extract current selection"

Example: Pete's Personal, Private Wiki

didn't cover this one :-)


  • OGM Wiki
  • Rel8 Wiki
  • Lionsberg Wiki