First Blog Post

a post in Pete's Blog by Peter Kaminski

by Peter Kaminski, 2021-03-22

OGM Wiki

First blog post in OGM Wiki, first blog post in a Massive Wiki! Starting a blog in this wiki is a one of the Great Weird Ideas.

Now we need a "blog viewer" that sorts pages reverse chronologically, and puts the last 5-10 on one page. :-)

(Our regular tools will work okay for a while, of course.)

I set up a Doodle for this week's OGM Wiki call:


  • 20 minutes on Massive Wiki Starter Guidebook (pre-release version)
  • 10 minutes transition time / check-ins
  • 30 minutes on OGM Wiki content, organization, purpose

I started the OGM Community Patterns page with the "Coalescing a New Community" pattern I've noticed a couple of times.

Massive Wiki

I got about half done with a first draft of "Massive Wiki Starter Guidebook". See the "0. Style Guide for Massive Wiki Starter Guidebook" page for more details. People/Bill Anderson has made some improvements, and we'll whip it more into shape this week.


Some good conversation around Massive Wiki and Visual Jam. Maybe we'll have some Visual Jam calls soon!

Stewardship Council

Jerry and Judy and I had a good session improving the OGM-Lionsberg MoU draft, using HackMD connected to the stewards wiki. That wiki and HackMD are working reasonably well.