ENTITY1-ENTITY2 Project Coordination

During the first month, ENTITY1 will define communication and reporting norms to keep ENTITY1 and ENTITY2 aligned.

At the Sprint's midpoint, ENTITY1 and ENTITY2 will hold a Midpoint Retrospective Process to reflect on the progress and impediments faced during the sprint. We will use that retrospective to adjust our plans for the rest of the Sprint.

In the final two weeks of the engagement, ENTITY1 and ENTITY2 will hold a Wrap-up Retrospective Process. We will also assess whether and how we might engage in another sprint.

The current intention of both parties is that another sprint will be chartered, to start immediately after the first sprint ends, with direction and goals to be set as part of the Retrospective Process.

ENTITY1 will help organizations link up and align on resources, insights, projects and objectives, and with others will pull together a global movement in which we move together in decentralization and coordination. By doing so, we will avoid organizations working in isolation and failing to achieve the crucial global objectives we have in common.

We may achieve that by following root-cause analysis that uncovers latent points of leverage, by telling more compelling stories, or by helping others to find nodes they need. For example, food-waste initiatives may need slack space in cold-storage facilities; so may medical initiatives.