Draft Summary

The way we raise and consume food now is causing serious environmental problems.

To address these issues, we must grow and consume food within our particular bioregions, to stay within the boundaries of the soil, water, climate, and socioeconomics therein.

We present an overview of these issues, and provide some examples of successful prototypes already out there.

Klaus's Longer Summary

The world is changing the way we raise and consume foods is now creating some serious problems in the natural world and in our ecosystem.

You should care, because the way we grow food pollutes our watersheds.It destroys biodiversity, it destroys the soil, and also transfers chemicals into the food supply that impact your personal health and the health of your children.

We know that in order to overcome these issues that we have to work locally because soil and climate and access to water, and socioeconomics are different everywhere. They're very community based. We have to look at our community and figure out what we can do here.

That is A) to repair the damage that has been done already, and then B) move on to build an economy that functions sustainably.

Now, let’s take a look and see what's what has been happening already in communities to work that that's sort of the