Pattern Languages

Pattern languages are collections of distilled wisdom, usually bounded by a domain, such as meeting facilitation, digital literacy or urban planning. Put a different way, quoting the book A Pattern Language, "A pattern is a careful description of a perennial solution to a recurring problem."

An easy way to understand and remember them is to read the name of a very popular pattern from the ur-pattern book: Light on Two Sides of Every Room. Visit that page to read the whole pattern description, but you get some of its intent from the name. If you're designing a house or building, you should try to get windows on at least two walls of every room. It's not a rule, it's a rule of thumb — a suggestion, based on hard-earned wisdom.

We would like to help Turbocharge Pattern Languages. To that end, we've defined a Tile called 1-2-4-All Zoom App that will demonstrate what we mean. After that, we can generalize the process and apply it to many more patterns.