Exploring What Works in Governance

A short series of OGM Zoom calls, starting Feb. 15, 2024.

This series began with two calls of the OGM (Open Global Mind) community, sparked by the question, "What is the most functional form of governance?" Those calls are here and here; Jerry's mind-mapped notes on this whole sequence are here.

In these early calls, we debated the word "governance" (coordination? co-regulation?). We shared resources and pointers to what works. We laughed at "electile dysfunction." We talked about steward ownership and other less-known forms of governance. We heard beautiful poetry. And we decided to spin off this short series of calls.

Our call schedule going forward (all calls last one hour, in this Zoom, starting at 10am PT):

  • Feb. 15
  • Feb. 22
  • skip one week
  • March 7
  • March 14

Please contact Jerry with any questions.

I'll be updating this page with resources and pointers to the new calls as we hold them.