Open Global Mind

  • Web presence
  • Persistent async messaging (e.g., chat channel, email list):
    • Mattermost chat hosted by CSC
    • Discourse forum hosted by CSC
  • Document library (e.g., wiki, Notion, Google Docs): OGM Wiki
  • Who we are (at least leadership, and contact info): Jerry Michalski, Phil Kennedy
  • Roles we need to fill:
    • Outreach coordinator (defining and coordinating how OGM approaches other orgs)
    • Wiki Curator/Information Architect
  • Fundraising we've started: OGM is now a fiscal sponsee of Lionsberg, a 501(c)3 charity, which means we can solicit tax-free contributions. We are setting up that pitch and catcher's mitt (where and how to contribute) now.
  • Charter (mission / vision): This initial text from Ken Homer


Open Global Mind brings together theorists, practitioners, and other interested parties to explore and create ways for individuals, organizations, and societies to organize around resolving wicked messes in the service of a future where humanity and other forms of life can thrive for millions of years to come.


We are working towards a future where: - All people everywhere are granted dignity, have access to equal justice under the law, and can find a fulfilling sense of belonging - Technology supports our ability to remember vital lessons and visualize complex interrelationships in ways that allow us to resolve seemingly intractable problems - The non-human and more-than-human among us are also represented in our decision-making processes