Bootstrap needs for a sovereign

In OGM and its sister organizations, a "sovereign" is an entity, for- or not-for-profit, that has leadership and presence enough to be addressed and make decisions about its future.

This list is a starting point for what a sovereign ought to have:

  • a good name
  • web presence
  • persistent async messaging (e.g., chat channel, email list)
  • document library (e.g., wiki, Notion, Google Docs)
  • project management tools (e.g., wiki, Notion, Airtable, and others)
  • charter (mission / vision)
  • who we are (at least leadership, and contact info)
  • roles we need to fill
  • fundraising we've started (here's a endpoint to donate to, here's what we're trying to fund)

In order to put this idea to practical use here, please use this Sovereign Template to fill out these answers for your sovereign. Create a copy of the template, save it in the Organizations directory here under your organization's name, and go to town.