OGM Stewards Jam Sesh, 2021-05-18


Jerry, Judy, Matt, Vincent, Pete

OGM Bootstrap Next Steps

  • Jerry final pass over MOU
  • Jerry sign and pass MOU to Lionsberg
  • Jerry recruit for OGM Bootstrap
  • we propose to dissolve the OGM Stewards call on next week's call 5/25 (and then reconvening other calls as required to carry on our work)

Other Sovereign Next Steps

  • get going!

Possible Agenda Topics

  • From Lionsberg: MOU + Generative Commons / Community Agreement
  • Tool choices: Massive, Notion, Google Docs...
  • Whither OGM Stewards
  • The Commons, and what that means

Jerry re OGM - stewarding of the new ecosystem of sovereigns ("flotilla") - stewarding of particular commons that we come up that aren't being stewarded already ("commons") - stewarding of OGM and the OGM community ("OGM itself")

Is OGM an organization? (00:46)

"Apostles" - primary teachers of the message

Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker - "TEEMING: How Superorganisms Work to Build Infinite Wealth in a Finite World"

decentralized, federated, interoperable

"mercantile explosion" (01:10)

(01:12) combination of a vision of the future and a sensibility of how to get there (physically, socially, ) - able to have trust that we can actually get there - OGM has the most foresight and thoughtfulness of how to get there

OGM is a place where we found each other, to come together, to work on these things

OGM is a verb.

"If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him" - by Sheldon Kopp

Game B - a novel discourse and sense-making community framing a needed shift from default human history ("Game A") to a new mode of behavior and social organization that does not reproduce any of the generator functions of existential risk

number of names (01:39) - "the number of names should be commensurate with the number of (things) you will have in a year"

(Jerry's screed on 'Open Global Mind', 08:43)

Zoom chat

times PDT

07:47:47 From vincent to Everyone : How are you defining organization Matt?
07:48:31 From Jerry Michalski to Everyone : stewarding: flotilla, commons, OGM itself
07:59:06 From Jerry Michalski to Everyone : the synthesis doesn’t happen on its own. simplify my life: write book, recruit for my Patreon,
08:07:10 From Jerry Michalski to Everyone : Erik Willekens
08:14:16 From Jerry Michalski to Everyone : you don’t want to be on the first few dozen spaceships to civilize outer space…
08:15:41 From vincent to Everyone : You’re welcome :)
08:32:02 From Jerry Michalski to Everyone : Church = worst. possible. example. integrated vision. force field that requires compliance. Thursdays shrinking.
08:46:13 From vincent to Everyone : I have to run in 5 as well!
08:47:20 From vincent to Everyone : As of this week it’s Sorta in trove hehe (the public events)
08:47:35 From vincent to Everyone : HTTPS://Catalist.network/explore-events
(a few lines are missing here from the end of the call)