Lionsberg + OGM, 2021-05-06

Meeting Notes

  • agreed, quarterly sprint cadence because the world runs that way
  • highest level north start alignment which is what will help the flotilla of sovereigns move together

Legal Section

  • harmonize "the commons" and "501c3"
  • edits on new MOU

Intellectual Property

  • disclaimer for information coming in, "it will be going into the commons"
    • default Wikipedia statement
      • currently: "By publishing changes, you agree to the Terms of Use, and you irrevocably agree to release your contribution under the CC BY-SA 3.0 License and the GFDL. You agree that a hyperlink or URL is sufficient attribution under the Creative Commons license."
      • also, "Since all your contributions are freely licensed to the public, no editor owns any article; all of your contributions can and will be mercilessly edited and redistributed, to ensure its credibility."
    • by participating in this, you are agreeing to granting of rights to the generative process (~7:38pm CEST, 10:39 PDT)
    • see also Chatham House Rules
  • publish information in a time-stamped way with a clear license to protect against future IP trolls

"Generative Commons Agreement"

The Ethical Source Principles

IP Stewardship Trust

should the commons be public domain? or copyrighted with a permissive license?

example: Vincent + Airtable + Massive + the Commons + making a living. our conversations operate under the Public Commons Conversations Agreement. and create that.


Generative Commons Agreement

Issues We're Monitoring

  • enclosure of open source software by Microsoft
  • likelihood of attach by capitalists and IP trolls
  • possibility of eventual acquisition by capitalists
  • how to making a living while nurturing Commons
    • doing well by doing good
  • the world is in transition from enclosure to commons
  • need for defensive patenting
  • time-stamped disclosure
    • is disclosure enough?


  • establishing a trust in the non-profit helps protect IP
  • build on Creative Commons

MOUs + Sovereigns

The New MOU has the important legal stuff, and you may be able to just start with that for your sovereign.

For Lionsberg agreements, the sovereigns really only need MOU + Appendices A & B. Appendix C is an OGM extra, since we have materials written for it; it's sort of an overflow for that. But it's not required for the agreement.


  • Update on MOU drafting process - Workspace: New MOU (SWAG percentages are for OGM Bootstrap docs, which will serve as inspiration/templates for the other sovereigns)
    • (95%) New MOU
    • (99%) Appendix A: Slim, Fast Statement of Work
    • (99%) Appendix B: Cultures and Values Alignment
    • (95%) Appendix C: Larger, Evolving Vision Document
  • "Closing the loop" on legal comments, questions, suggestions
    • tools, process, timing
  • Discuss set of sovereigns
    • OGM Bootstrap
    • Massive
    • Realigning Food Systems
    • Trove
  • Discussing relative timing of sprints for sovereigns
    • OGM Bootstrap Sprint 1 = two months
    • project tracking / funding / starting new sprints

Timeline (Dates for Discussion, Not Planning/Commitments)

  • 5/13 OGM Stewards have completed OGM Bootstrap MOU documents
  • unk Massive has completed Massive MOU documents
  • unk CICOLAB has completed Massive MOU documents