Lionsberg + OGM, 2021-04-29


Action Items

  • OGM to mark up legal section and get back to Lionsberg
  • Matt and Jordan to set up a DAF within Lionsberg fund
    • 2:1 match for funds OGM raises
  • OGM Stewards to finish OGM MOU, review with Jordan and Bill
    • ideally, copy and tweak for the other sovereigns

Meeting Notes

New Architectures

  • ~2 weeks for First Tranche
  • Second Tranche after that

Newer New Architecture

  • just start with a few three(-ish) sovereigns, e.g., "OGM", "Massive", "CICOLAB", Restorative Food; fund those
  • optionally, add an "OGM Fund"

Jordan's Hypothesis

  • OGM Community
    • learning together
    • it’s a standing wave around a vision, with some people attracted to it and some of them going deep into it
    • informal
  • OGM Fund
    • raising and distributing funds
  • Sovereigns
    • Massive
    • Restorative Food
    • Epstein Drive / OGM Bootstrap

Orgs / Agreements (90:05)

  • OGM Bootstrap (Jerry)
    • OGM Fund
  • CICOLAB (Lauren & Charles)
  • Massive (Pete)
  • Realigning Global Food Systems (Klaus)
  • Trove (Vincent)

Some issues: (116:00) - bank accounts, taxes, HR - Lionsberg trunk


  • one higher intention and one higher goal
  • restorative justice is always better than punitive justice
  • ecosystem of interoperability
  • Jordan's "what we're building" (119:00)