Appendix D - Larger, Evolving Vision Document

This appendix includes larger and longer vision thoughts that inform, but don't necessarily fit, into OGM Bootstrap's Sprint 1.

We expect that this document will continue to evolve and inform our direction.

Shared Goals

(Future phase(s)) will propel OGM into a form that can receive grant funds, engage in prototyping and create engagements providing services to a variety of individuals and organizations.

The (TKTK phase) fiscal sponsorship will enable better OGM governance and stewardship, which lets OGM community members be assured that the technology and value that we create together will benefit society for the long term.

Our intent is to learn together, co-creating the technological, governance, operational, culture and values protocols that will enable interoperabilty, collaboration and knowledge sharing among a growing network of organizations around the world.


In TKTK Sprints, our approaches will be focused and pragmatic, applying the Pareto Principle as we make choices, rather than being comprehensive.

Our work will include:

  • creating initial legal, organizational, and technology infrastructure layers;
  • identifying the top 10% or 20% of prototypes, relationships, and resources that are at hand (what's available);
  • identifying needs for the communities and clients we aim to serve, which will include determining criteria in order;
  • visualizing and mapping those resources;
  • prototyping a knowledge commons, built from existing and new sources, according to existing and new protocols;
  • listening with care, matching the most salient resources and key partners in our activities, creating useful leverage and flow in the system; and
  • framing the activities and goals for the next two to five sprints.

For example, OGM will challenge its mapping guild to map work already done by other organizations on the global grand challenges that humanity faces and needs to overcome, such as the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Other organizations have also laid out goals, milestones, points of leverage, and key problems.

OGM will map the most important of those relationships, while also making room for perspectives that reframe the issues and perhaps ignite new initiatives by other organizations, or new collaborations across organizations. In other words, our maps will not only be reporting on what is, but offering perspectives on what could be. We will help make visible not only our perspectives, but others'.

Taken together, these maps will let us and others look across the different domains of action, identify focal points, see who is doing what already and then convene working groups around them. Twelve months in, OGM will know who is part of our initial network, what resources we have at hand, and the major levers for action for our work. We will also have an approximate 10-30 year plan that gets us all to flourishing.

We will be asking organizations to back our Sprints for six months at a time so we hit these goals.

Introducing The Five Layers

We have mapped all our activities to five layers (intended to co-evolve as a common template): - Infrastructure - Governance - Knowledge - Services - Contagion

The five layers serve as the structure for the rest of this document, as well as our Statement of Work (see Appendix A).

The Five Layers

Open Global Mind uses these conceptual layers to organize our activities.


Core to OGM's purpose is building a collective memory, a way of helping us know what we know and share it with others. The contents of that memory are the subject of the third layer, Knowledge; but the tools and techniques we use to manifest and curate it are Infrastructure.

To this end, legal, organizational, and technology infrastructure supports the work we do, and the services we can offer to others, as we navigate towards truth for the good of all.

Infrastructure includes processes and tools for planning, communication, coordination, outreach, and collective sensemaking.


Shifting from ownership to stewardship has effects across our activities, from governance of collective information, to discernment of social and legal protocols, management of funds (e.g., revenues, taxes), and equitable distribution of value based on properly aligned incentives.

OGM will experiment with methods and tools for managing itself; collective decision-making; evolving wisdom; connecting with other organizations; choosing OGM Fellows and rewarding them; consulting engagements and sharing their results; and evaluating our progress.


OGM's goal is to help build a collective "mind" for the planet, so that we might make better decisions together, and each find our way to the best, highest use of our life energy. This "mind" should preserve individual perspectives and integrate a variety of sensemaking tools.

We will integrate many bodies of knowledge already held by individuals and organizations as our "sourdough starter" -- an anchor and stimulant for ongoing curation efforts. One relatively mature body of individual work we will incorporate is Jerry's Brain, which has 23 years of carefully curated information and sensemaking. We are excited to connect this body of knowledge to others, bootstrapping this global mind.

Knowledge encompasses ideas, facts, processes, and context, and includes the creators, curators and disseminators of knowledge.

Following the DIKW hierarchy, this layer culminates in collective wisdom, the ability to see from the highest perspective what we ought to do together to act rightly based on what we know. In other words, the Open Global Mind should not only know what is (the DIK part), but go beyond to discern together what we ought to do (the W part).


Services are OGM's way of making its knowledge, infrastructure, norms and practices useful in the world.

Through service offerings, OGM will empower organizations to shift to collective sensemaking while nourishing the Commons. OGM will facilitate the sharing of learnings, intellectual property, and best practices among the sovereign entities.

Some services generate income for OGM; others nourish the Commons.


OGM's innovations and knowledge assets will propagate by our modeling and sharing collective intelligence, and inviting others to participate. How we participate is as important as what we create: norms and process matter.

The familiar media -- speeches, videos, wikis, etc. -- will be a contagion vector, as will new media, such as memes, games, augmented reality, blockchain experiments, and machine intelligence-based creative forms.

Our partners will also propagate OGMness, as it makes sense to them.

OGM's Services layer will aid in contagion, as practices and assets get integrated into clients' ways of working.

New participants and partners who engage in OGM will improve our collective intelligence in both content and processes. We will achieve this intentionally through a conscious process of Triple-Loop Learning, as well as frequent checkpoints to assess our progress.