Appendix B: Cultures and Values Alignment

OGM and Lionsberg are coming into alignment, with shared cultures and values. OGM Bootstrap will continue to expand, illuminate, and evolve our deeper and richer understanding of each point in this page.

This Appendix is like agreeing to date: it offers broad agreement, with the expectation of deepening the meaning of the relationship, as it grows into a "marriage" of sorts between OGM Bootstrap and Lionsberg.

We envision this as the beginning of a library commons that help people forming and evolving an organization, to foster understanding, agreeing, and sharing cultures and values.

(added paragraph fodder for other sovereigns: $ENTITY is inspired by the following statement that OGM and Lionsberg created. $ENTITY would like to deepen and come to the same Alignment of Common Purpose and Intent. (OR) $ENTITY has the following same/different.)

Both parties are in mutual receptivity and have established Alignment of Common Purpose and Intent.

Both parties agree to abide by the collaboratively established guiding principles:

  • Tending the Organizations as Organisms in a Shared Ecosystem
  • Alignment to Purpose
  • Dynamic Balance
  • Stewardship of the Commons
  • Nurturing a Foundation of Trust
  • Striving for Elegant Simplicity
  • Encouragement of Play/Creativity/Innovation
  • Collective Sensing
  • Operating as a Decentralized Fractal Federation
  • Right Timing
  • Honoring Sovereign and Integral Operating through Circular Leadership and Local Temporary Leadership
  • Creation of Mutual Value & Resource Flows

Both parties agree to operate based on shared social protocols:

  • Leave each space better than we found it
  • Assume good intent
  • Commit to regular communication cadence
  • Engage in iterative feedback
  • Ensuring collective intelligence, knowledge capture and distribution
  • Openness and transparency into one another's accounting, fundraising, protocols, process, roadmaps
  • Operate as free radicals, self organizing as guilds

Both parties agree to regularly re-assess alignment and adjust as needed to ensure resonance and compatibility.

Both parties agree to collaborative decision making, adopting tension revelation protocols, and to regular feedback processes to ensure cooperative, respectful and effective teaming.