OGM Bootstrap-Lionsberg Memorandum of Understanding


Lionsberg and Open Global Mind Bootstrap (OGM Bootstrap) would like to enter an agreement in which Lionsberg would become a fiscal sponsor of OGM Bootstrap.

Lionsberg is co-creating a better world and better lives for all by elevating, equipping and empowering one another to realize our best, highest purpose.

OGM Bootstrap, on behalf of OGM, is creating infrastructure, shared knowledge, facilitation and norms to help people Navigate Towards Truth For The Good Of All. Getting there requires collective sensemaking to create shared wisdom and shared memories, as well as understanding how to know what we know. Acting as knowledge stewards, we will encourage everyone to make better decisions. We will enable communities to be more effective. We will bridge cultural divides.

Purpose of Engagement

OGM Bootstrap will be a fiscal sponsee of Lionsberg.

OGM Bootstrap will receive grant funds and use them to pay people as those people help OGM Bootstrap achieve its goals, as put forth in Appendix A.

The Sprint 1 fiscal sponsorship will enable OGM Bootstrap to design and build better governance and stewardship for OGM, which will let OGM community members be assured that the technology and value that we create together will benefit society for the long term.

OGM Bootstrap, the OGM community, and Lionsberg intend to learn together, co-creating the technological, governance, operational, culture and values protocols that will enable interoperabilty, collaboration and knowledge sharing among a growing network of organizations around the world.

Legal Requirements and Formalities of this Fiscal Sponsorship

Relationship of the parties

The relationship between the parties is that of a Fiscal Sponsor (Lionsberg) to a Fiscal Sponsee / Grantee (OGM Bootstrap), as recognized and regulated under the Internal Revenue Code. The Parties are not employees or agents of each other.


This agreement shall remain in effect as long as mutually agreeable by the parties, beginning with a 12-month term. This agreement may lead to either a longer-term relationship with the Lionsberg Community, or the spin-off of OGM Bootstrap into a new and independent nonprofit entity of its own.


Lionsberg will serve as fiscal sponsor of OGM Bootstrap and create a fund exclusively designated for OGM Bootstrap. The fund may be used for those purposes permitted to exempt organizations under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)3 and not inconsistent with any other law. Prohibited uses of any fiscal sponsorship funds include the following:

  • Influencing legislation or intervening in any political campaign for or in opposition to any candidate for public office;
  • Inducing any violation of law or public policy; or
  • Causing any private inurement or improper private benefit.
  • The IRS permits funds to be released from Sponsor to Sponsee on the basis of specific specific requests for funds (grants), accompanied by a statement of the intended use of the funds for the project. To protect its tax-exempt status, Lionsberg may not simply "pass through" to any fiscal sponsee funds received from donors but must handle each distribution as a grant request.


At least two weeks prior to approaching a fundraising source or issuing a fundraising appeal, OGM Bootstrap shall submit to Lionsberg its proposals and budgets for nonprofit fundraising activities, along with copies of documents to be used, such as email or handout texts, etc.

To fulfill legal requirements, fundraising material must disclose the fiscal sponsorship, and all donations (such as cash, stock, cryptocurrency, business equity, or real estate) must be made to Lionsberg and then subsequently assigned to OGM Bootstrap’s accounts with Lionsberg.

OGM Bootstrap shall be responsible for fundraising activities for the project.

Fund Transfer and Succession

If OGM Bootstrap takes the project into an independent non-profit entity, Lionsberg will deliver the remainder of the fund to the project’s new bank account, following certification that the new entity has 501(c)(3) status with the IRS. If the project is terminated or abandoned without a nonprofit successor, the fund will be released from its exclusively designated status and transferred to the Lionsberg general funds.

Administrative Fee

To defray Lionsberg’s general overhead costs of administering the fiscal sponsorship and fund, Lionsberg will deduct from the fund an administrative fee of 5 percent (5%) on all deposits or donations.

(We note that structuring the administrative fee as a percent of deposits and donations may encourage unintended focus on growth of incoming funds, rather than public benefit. In future agreements, we may move to an accounting basis in which administrative fees are based on costs, rather than as a percentage of deposits and donations.)


The parties agree to keep each other regularly informed about their participation in, contributions to, and experience with the project. OGM Bootstrap agrees to allow inspection of its records to the full extent necessary for Lionsberg to protect its own and the project’s non-profit status.

OGM Bootstrap will submit periodic written reports (no less than quarterly) about the project and its use of funds.

In such reports, OGM Bootstrap will provide documentation for transactions involving funds received from Lionsberg (for example, receipts or invoices for project-related purchases).

Generative Commons; Intellectual Property

The work, ideas, and knowledge generated through this relationship are intended for the public good and will be stewarded by OGM Bootstrap.

All work we do by, for, and with Open Global Mind is given over to The Generative Commons, with limitations as described in Appendix C - Draft of Generative Commons Agreement.

There are important notices and limitations in Appendix C - Draft of Generative Commons Agreement, which is incorporated into this document by reference.


This Agreement may be terminated by Lionsberg if the Sponsee fails to abide by any of its requirements. Otherwise, it may be renewed for annual terms by the mutual agreement of the Parties prior to its anniversary date. If this Agreement is terminated, and provided OGM Bootstrap has not violated the requirements for use of funds, net funds remaining in Lionsberg's account for Sponsee shall be forwarded to OGM Bootstrap.

Upon termination of this Agreement, the parties agree to discontinue the use of each other’s names, materials or trademarks; except that Lionsberg may refer to its sponsorship of OGM Bootstrap’s project by name as a past sponsorship project, and OGM Bootstrap may refer to its sponseeship by Lionsberg as a past sponseeship project.

Lionsberg may refer to OGM Bootstrap by name or image in its materials and publications, identified as a sponsored project. Nevertheless, this shall not dilute or diminish the ownership by OGM Bootstrap of such names, trademarks, or copyrights.

OGM Bootstrap may refer to Lionsberg by name or image in its materials and publications, identified as a sponsored project. Nevertheless, this shall not dilute or diminish the ownership by Lionsberg of such names, trademarks, or copyrights.

The Parties agree to work together to evaluate the project and its effects and benefits, for the sake of learning together how to better people and their needs.

This Agreement shall be interpreted according to California internal law, may not be assigned by OGM Bootstrap without the express permission of Lionsberg, and may be executed digitally and in counterparts. No waiver of any requirement of this Agreement shall be deemed to be a continuing waiver. All amendments to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by all parties.

Mediation and Binding Arbitration

Both parties agree to abide within established tension revelation and resolution protocols.

Any disputes arising from this relationship shall be resolved through mediation and binding arbitration through AAA, JAMS, or another arbitrator mutually agreed by the parties.