Weaving The World, 2021-09-23


  • setting up to use Obsidian on vnc.massive.wiki
  • checking in as humans
  • review Pete's "business plan" outline
  • overview of Weaving The World
  • drafting a project plan for Weaving The World
  • the Clambake Project


Overview of Weaving The World

OGM is a movement, hashtag, philosophy.

Funding through grants, what can we point to?

Above ground:

a video podcast (Weaving The World)

  • pre-event
  • call
  • links
  • post-event

Below ground:

Weaving the World is Feeding The Big Fungus.

Jerry's Brain

  • alone
  • at the fungus face
  • personal information loom

Drowning in the flow, don't have curated stocks.

Useful shared memory. Then useful for representative politics, shared societal awareness.

How can we reduce the friction to the usability?

Something that's one step more complex than Instagram, so that millions of people can use it?

Pete's assertion: it's not simplicity that drives mass adoption, but utility, and in particular, social proof -- millions of other people already using it.

Maps are what we create to make sense of the information that's there - a story or a dataset. Create an experience. Helps other people to get to the richer experience faster.

Still have to learn - each individual - to have the experience.

What if we are in a space of learning or creativity?

Jerry's Brain is not just a map, it's an interactive knowledge navigator.

Storehouses of information.