OGM Wiki, 2021-03-17

Focusing Questions

What would we use a wiki for?

How would we describe the overall purpose of the OGM wiki?

  • introduce anyone and the world to who we are and what we do
  • provide an entry roadmap to who we are and what we do
  • how do we distill what we've learned and share it easily with others
    • e.g., pattern languages
  • keeping track of things?
    • intersection with other databases
    • profile pages
      • superpowers
      • gratitude / praise

What teams of volunteers do we need to make it a community asset?

How would we arrange information and knowledge in a wiki?

How would an OGM wiki interface with other communities’ knowledgebases?

How do we best explain OGM Wiki to others?

How might we experiment with uses beyond wiki? * brains * website builders * book authoring * blogs * directories * syndicated information (e.g. Murmurations) * YAML front matter!

Dreams / Needs

database of resources - people + where you can access people (people API?) - resources + inputs/outputs/gates - want to feel rich, rather than looking through a window at stuff i can't reach - people directory - guilds directory - general calendar - general information about OGM - collected pointers to call artifacts (recordings, transcripts, etc.) - meeting notes - patterns - the start of some topic-based discussions - whatever other bits and bobs will help to illuminate and ignite social processes around understanding the purpose of the wiki, starting to structure, garden, and improve the information space