OGM Thursday, 2021-05-06

Peter Kaminski - OGM Bootstrap - Massive Wiki

Marc Thibault - indigeneous people - Amazonia Rising - A Global Summit on Investing in the Amazon - Steven Donziger - https://www.thenation.com/article/world/donziger-chevron-house-arrest/ - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Donziger - https://bra.in/2vm78J

Doug Carmichael - working on book, GardenWorld Politics - solutions to problems more from poetry rather than technology - reinventing government - great at local tactical details - drop the ball on the larger picture - rising through 2C, and we know that, but don't do anything - Gil: Biden doing great, and really not enough - Jerry: who is "we" in that? - Gil: FDR / WWII, war footing posture, clear agreement of who the enemy is

Kevin - community equity - democracy collaborative - https://bra.in/6vP7o9

Jerry - Shirt by Robert Pinsky (Poetry Foundation) - Shirt by Robert Pinksy (Poem Analysis)

Klaus - eviction, no contingency for unhoused - https://www.businessclimateleaders.org/carbon-sequestration-may-18th - Israel, kibbutz, food sovereignty - we have tens of millions of population now in the US who are disengaged from the economy

Judy - working with organizations to help them with transformation

John - Meiji restoration bonds - medical services delivery

Craig - Facebook oversight board ()"supreme court") about Trump - Time, Truth & Technology | Tristan Harris with John Wood, Jr. & Ciaran O'Connor - Braver Angels - AGI - attention of millions of followers

Vincent - ad on Facebook saying you should make better ads on Facebook

Michael - disrupt the attention economy model - structures around us, we're divided rather than collaborative - how to - Tristan Harris, message is "sky is falling", not "what are we doing about it" - people need digital sovereignty over their own stuff - data about them that Facebook, Google, etc. collect - to see what you know, data you generate, your digital home, your cockpit - resources to you that you should have - Tristan Harris (algorithmic feed, attention-seeking algorithm) - Vincent - Pete - "structural war"


  • Gil: "Mobilize!: Dancing In The World", by Chauncey Bell
  • Doug: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Transformation_(book), Karl Polanyi
  • Gil: "Empire of Cotton: A Global History", by Sven Beckert