OGM Thursday, 2021-03-25

notes by @Peter Kaminski


  • collective intelligence

Pete's Reflections on Using Mmhmm for Call

  • was hampered by sharing one window instead whole screen (didn't want zoom video feedback, so didn't share whole screen)
  • hackmd on one page is nice, but doesn't show other wiki pages
  • it made raising hand and doing jazz hands more challenging
  • i had to turn off video mirroring, which i low-key don't like :-)
  • on my computer at least, it looks like there is a small video lag for my picture
  • not sure how good the resolution of the screenshare was


Mike - wedding - Pairagraph for debate

Ken - measuring collective intelligence - gil: why / would measuring it increase it? - how do funders deal with measurement - julian: make - the opposite of collective intelligence is groupthink

Judy - dendritic stuff - collecting success stories - equally effective with funders - keep assessment "under the radar" so people don't freeze

Doug - limitations of measurement compared to stories

John - moderators on clubhouse - wokeness vs. free speech

George - collective intelligence is a myth - varying degrees of intellectual efficacy / efficiency - we invented a lot of kinds of "intelligence" - vs. mind skills mastering a cluster of mental skills - have just done more practice than other people - next big thing: Spaces by Twitter - audio is sometimes better than video - inventor of the telephone focus group - "radio is better than television because the pictures are better" - jerry: audio carries ~80% of the emotional valence - "audio gestures" - body language

Trae - syntropic world - https://syntropic.world/masterclass/ - FairShare Commons - gratitudes: - jay golden - scott moehring - ken homer

Kevin - how to interface with relative who's part of an antivax Waldorf school - rose quartz = embodier of love - jerry: “Your Ideas Are Not Your Identity”: Adam Grant on How to Get Better at Changing Your Mind (Evan Nesterak, Behavioral Scientist)

Marc - value creation processes, on knowledge, natural resources, for a couple tribes/nations in Brazil

Michael - Jim Fournier

Klaus - thinking and working in sectors, rather than thinking of system - consciousness (vs. collective intelligence) - are animals conscious? plants? is there an overarching consciousness

Gil - side channel conversations (missing in clubhouse) - droping the word "nature" (natural resources, natural capital) - (from pete, tweet about dropping the word "women's" from sports, or having to add "men's", either way)

Stuff to Look Up

  • (pete) saw a twitter thread about "intelligence" in humans, that it's fractal and includes your whole body, not just your brain.