OGM Digital Communication Strategy, 2021-06-23


OGM Wiki Topics

  • current state of OGM Wiki
  • using Massive Wiki
  • OGM Wiki Ambassadors
  • "molting"

Observations / Rubrics

"good enough to use, safe enough to try"

Next Steps

  • Define each communication channel's mission and functions.
  • Decide how to "fund" the work needed for each communication channel's overhead.
  • Create roadmap for overhead work on all the communication channels.

OGM Communication Channels

  • OGM mailing list
    • make announce-only
  • OGM Forum
  • CSC Mattermost
  • Zoom calls
    • YouTube recordings
    • OGM Wiki meeting notes and supporting info
  • OGM Wiki

The "synchronous - asynchronous" spectrum - chat, email, forum, wiki

"Channelizing" communications - "surface area" for holding simultaneous thread

"Management" / overhead questions - Prioritizing where to put management calories? - Divide management energy?

From membership-at-large questions? - Which channel(s) is/are "primary"? - Which channel does what? - Why are there so many channels, and can I just work in one or two?

Overhead needed for any communication channel to be really effective

  • onboarding / troubleshooting / hand-holding
  • information architecture
  • collaborations patterns
  • problem recognition and resolution

Overhead needed for a working group to be really effective

  • project plan
  • project management
  • scribe / knowledge weaver
    • apprentice scribe?
  • memory
  • (all the stuff from the "sovereign structure" list, actually)

It seems like things like project management and knowledge weavers are specialist skills and most people from a working group won't end up doing those roles. So therefore, we need to "hire" specialists into this, build apprenticeships, etc.

OGM Forum

  • move to Factr?

OGM Wiki Ambassadors

  • reach out to specific people
  • come to shared vision for the wiki
  • decide on use cases for the community
  • do some re-organization / vitalization of the structure