Building OGM 2021-06-08



  • Brief grounding exercise
  • Check ins
    • suggested prompt: If you could write a book, what would it be about?

Charter for this call

  • What is this call?
  • Who should attend? Who would want to attend?
  • Spread the word in OGM about these calls. Grow participation.

Phil working as "OGM Staff"

  • role?
  • mutual commitments?

"Balance" of Thursday call

Guilds, Circles - revisiting last week's conversation

  • Replacement language for "Guilds"

    • Which concepts do we want the word to include?

      • Individuals and projects with resonance coming together
      • Defined levels of recognition and advancement
      • Guardianship, stewardship, nurturing, interconnectivity, interdependence
    • Alternatives:

      • Circles (Not circling)
      • Karasses
      • Bands
      • Other suggestions
    • Which initial Circles should be launched?

      • Technology
      • Process
      • KnowledgeWeavers
      • StoryThreaders
      • MapWhisperers
      • Suggestions?
  • How might OGM nurture the flourishing of these Circles?

  • How should Circles be structured? What are their responsibilities?

Food Systems Realignment

  • FSR needs help, including project management and mappers
  • How might we help?

Some of the FSR work we've identified:

Narrow our focus to develop a mapping tool that identifies community level resources, then stimulates on the ground efforts to connect them to create a functioning system.

Connections are from farm to aggregator, logistics services, processing, wholesaling, retailing, direct to consumer sales. An important role will be the innovations broker, whose function is to connect supply to demand and vice versa, providing information and market intelligence to all participants.

In the interview process we will identify gaps in resources and make recommendations to look at available national level support functions, i.e. double your food buck and other such programs.

These are all generic functions that apply to any food service, anywhere in the world, no matter what type of crops or foods or menus being used. We could position this as a prototype project and roll out once we have the tools in place.

Bootstrap needs for a sovereign

  • persistent async messaging (e.g., chat channel, email list)
  • document library (e.g., wiki, Notion, Google Docs)
  • a good name
  • web presence
  • charter (mission / vision)
  • who we are (at least leadership, and contact info)
  • roles we need to fill
  • fundraising we've started (here's a endpoint to donate to, here's what we're trying to fund)

What are the practical things that we can do to breathe life into OGM and make it more of an entity?

Space for emergent discussion points

Emergent Links

Helpful Links