Building OGM, 2021-11-30


Building DAOS

How do the Pachinko balls fall? (our usual focus) vs. How did you design the game?

Why aren't there DAO construction libraries, dances? There are?

Weaving The World Seeking Project Manager / Virtual Assistant

Hi, it's Jerry.

I've got a new podcast coming up called "Weaving the World", which is about (what?).

I'm looking for a smart and thoughtful person to help with with doing the operations side of WtW - things like looking for hosting services for the podcast, helping me schedule and book guests, keeping track of all the little tasks that will need to get done.

I expect to need some around 4 hours per week. We're funded to do a fixed number of episodes. The whole gig will likely last 3-4 months, but I'm already looking for funding for follow-on seasons.

Is this you or someone you might know? Please ping me at with leads or questions. Thanks!