Building OGM, 2021-07-27


Stacey Druss, Klaus Mager, Anne Penikis, Phil Kennedy, Peter Kaminski, Jerry Michalski


  • (5-10 mins) Check in as humans
  • (5 mins) Review and agree on agenda
  • (15-20 mins) Transparency and Accessiblity for Independents (Pete)
    • what, how, why
    • useful for bootstrapping food Independent
    • (sub-conversation about "sovereign")
  • (5-10 mins) Commoning with Hashtags (Pete)
  • (5-10 mins) Commitments, Timeboxing, Meeting Metrics (Pete)
    • precision in estimates (vs. accuracy, realism, etc.)
  • (5-10 mins) Using IOUs to bootstrap community economy (Pete)
  • (20 mins, though likely not enough time left) Proposing an OGM "show" called The Big Quilt (Jerry)
  • (5 mins) Meeting retro

Agenda and Agenda Management

  • emergent topics
  • agenda discipline

COVID / Delta

  • discussion

Google Sites vs. Massive Wiki

  • open source isn't free; it takes investment in using it, and potentially improving it
  • open source allows for more interoperability, broader reach, and less enclosure, at the expense of less convenience

Meeting Metrics

  • idea: have regular things to score, and at the end of the meeting, people just enter their scores in the notes